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General Liability Insurance Information

General liability insurance helps provide financial protection for businesses in case of a lawsuit and accident-related expenses. 

Cali Agency in Lindenhurst, New York, helps businesses in numerous industries tailor general liability policies to provide the ideal amount of coverage. Contact us today to learn more about why general liability insurance is essential and to get a quote. 

Who Needs General Liability Insurance? 

Even small businesses need general liability insurance coverage to help handle their legal liability after an accident. Unexpected events can destroy a business financially without this essential coverage. Your agent can help evaluate your needs to get the insurance policies to help protect your company’s financial health. 

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?  

General liability insurance typically provides coverage in three main areas:  

  • Property damage insurance helps cover costs related to accidents that cause third-party property damage during everyday business activities.

  • Bodily injury insurance helps cover costs related to third-party injuries resulting from an accident on your business property. It may pay medical expenses as well as legal fees.

  • Personal/advertising injury insurance helps cover costs related to personal and advertising injury accusations, including libel, copyright infringement, slander and invasion of privacy.

How Much General Liability Insurance Does My Company Need?  

Every company is different in how much general liability insurance is needed. Depending on the size of your company, the types of lawsuits you potentially face if there’s an accident and the likelihood that your company may be involved in an accident, your agent may recommend that you purchase a specific amount of coverage.  

How Does General Liability Insurance Work?  

General liability insurance is a policy that requires policyholders to make regular premium payments in exchange for coverage. If there’s an accident or incident causing third-party injury, illness or property damage, your general liability insurance policy may help pay for related costs. 

How Much Does Business General Liability Insurance Cost?  

Your general liability insurance policy costs vary according to your business type, the size of your company, your claims history and your location, among other factors. Your agent can help you find the right insurance company to meet your business’s insurance needs while providing the best possible rates. 

Get General Liability Insurance for Your Business Today 

The agents at Cali Agency are ready to help you get the general liability insurance coverage you need to help protect your company’s financial health. Contact us today to get a quote. 


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